The new Power over Ethernet 802.3bt standard is the third revision to the widely adopted IEEE standard that specifies low voltage power transfer to networked devices. The first IEEE PoE standard, 802.3af (2003), was able to provide 13 W to devices. This was increased to 25.5 W by 802.3at (2009). With 802.3bt, the amount of power available for devices increases nearly threefold, to 71.3 W, enabling a myriad of new applications.

The PoE Capabilities between different PoE standards

StandardPSE Min. Output PowerPD Max. Input PowerCable CategoryCable LengthPower Over
IEEE 802.3af15.4W12.95WCat5e100m2 pairs
IEEE 802.3at30W25.5WCat5e100m2 pairs
IEEE 802.3bt60W51W~60WCat5e100m2 or 4 pairs class0-4 4 pairs class 5~6
IEEE 802.3bt90W71W~90WCat5e100m4 pairs class 7~8

Support for higher power with PoE opens more opportunities. It enables new markets and widens PoE’s scope to existing markets that require higher power in applications such as:

  1. LED lighting panels
  2. PTZ cameras
  3. Kiosks
  4. Point of Sale (POS) terminals
  5. Thin clients
  6. Access points ( Mainly outdoor and WIFI 6)
  7. Small cells

In order to meet the BT devices demands, LINKOH developed several series PoE switches as following:

  1. Industrial managed BT series
  2. Industrial unmanaged BT series
  3. Commercial managed 8 ports

More models will be added in the nearest future.