If you’re in an industry that requires high levels of data transmission accuracy, be sure to read on‼!

When data transmission is suddenly interrupted, the switch needs to convert to another link immediately to recover data transmission.

All LINKOH L2+ managed switches have a function called Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), convergence time is ≤20ms, ensures high stability of front-end video data transmission, especially in industrial automation, electric utilities, intelligent transportation systems, IP surveillance, railroads, and other fields

From this video, you can watch the data transmission of 50 switches in the same ring network, we will simulate a link break and observe the function of ERPS, even if the link is down, the data transmission is accurate and without packet loss.

In this video you will perceive the powerful network management function of LINKOH, because we have a strong R&D team with working backgrounds in Huawei and Ruijie, and we have our own SDK, so we have a strong ability to customize software!

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