SMB/CCTV solutions

SMB/CCTV solutions are aiming to provide security and video surveillance for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

We offer integrated and reliable solutions for IP camera,access control, NVR…through PoE switches that help entrepreneurs monitor to confront various security threats.Moreover,our Cloud services offer SMBs a cost-effective,high-efficient,reliable and safer alternatives, enabling you to reduce the maintenance cost,manage devices remotely and realize resource centralized management.


Smart Enterprise:

Combined with a cloud of diversified IoT solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve management and enhance competitiveness, it can help organizations achieve digital transformation and adapt to the rapidly changing market environment.


Hotel and apartment:

Smart hotel Solutions can be used to improve the efficiency of hotel management, reduce the operation costs, provide customers with personalized and versatile services to ensure the safety of patrons and employees with digital information technology tools.


Retail chain:

Smart retail solutions are designed to utilize advanced technology to improve the security,promote the efficiency of retail operations and reduce theft as well as improve customer experience through intelligent instrument.


Health care:

Smart Healthcare solutions can be applied not only to monitor wards and other critical areas in hospitals to ensure the safety of patients and healthcare workers, but can also be used in the integration of surveillance systems in healthcare facilities to provide the healthcare industry with comprehensive security and management support.


Smart CCTV:

Smart CCTV solutions bring you a robust guarantee to your assets involved with cameras, cloud services,WIFI and intelligent CCTV systems to monitor and safeguard the security of your home and business which is conductive to optimize the efficiency, intelligence and convenience of the surveillance system.